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Table 1 Ten principles for basic firefighting tactics

From: Analysis of firefighting skill with a teleoperated robot

1Prioritize search and rescue activities for protecting lives
2Perform firefighting activities that prevent the spread of fire to surrounding buildings
3The first team locates a water discharge point near the fire for utilization and stops its firefighting vehicles so that they will not be an obstacle to teams arriving later
4For enlarged fires, point a hose at the back or side of the burning building and enter the building from the top floors
5In early small-scale fires, point a hose at the front of the burning building to extinguish the fire in one push
6The fire spread prevention points are the inner walls, attic spaces, corridors, and stairway entrances
7For enlarged fires in a city, point a hose in the leeward direction to mitigate the risk of the fire spreading
8Regardless of the presence or absence of recognition of fire smoke, firefighters and firefighting vehicles should locate the water discharge point near the fire
9If a fireproof building faces a burning building, point the hose at the fireproof building
10Use ladders and crashing tools proactively