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Featured Article: A Wearable Soft Robot for Movement Assistance on Eyelid Closure

Jan 25 ImageThis article presents a facial wearable robot to support eyelid movement on the paralyzed side of patients with hemifacial paralysis. The robot has a novel mechanism for supporting eyelid movement and is made from soft material. Researchers could control deformation so that it is tailored to eyelid movement with simple rotational input at two hinged ends. This system provides appropriate support for eyelid movement in a non-invasive and gentle manner, based on voluntary eyelid movement on the healthy side.

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Aims and Scope

ROBOMECH Journal focuses on advanced technologies and practical applications in the field of Robotics and Mechatronics.

The scope of the journal includes but is not limited to:
1. Modeling and design
2. System integration
3. Actuators and sensors
4. Intelligent control
5. Artificial Intelligence
6. Machine Learning
7. Robotics
8. Manufacturing
9. Motion control
10. Vibration and noise control
11. Micro/nano devices and optoelectronics systems
12. Automotive systems
13. Applications for extreme and/or hazardous environments
14. Other applications

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