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Table 1 Symbol list of the musculoskeletal structural parameter in the Section: System static relations

From: Geometric conditions of a two-link-and-six muscle structure based on internal force stability

\(L_{1}\), \(L_{2}\)The linkage lengths
\(i=1,\ldots ,6\)The number of the muscles
\({\varvec{q}} = (q_1,\ldots ,q_6)^{T}\)The muscular length vector
\({\varvec{\alpha }}=(\alpha _{1},\ldots ,\alpha _{6})^{T}\)The tensile force vector
\({\varvec{\theta }} = (\theta _{1}\), \(\theta _{2})^{T}\)The joint angular vector
\({\varvec{\tau }} = (\tau _{1}, \tau _{2})^{T}\)The joint torque vector