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Table 1 Building block of the arm in Maplesim

From: Enhanced vibration control of a multilink flexible manipulator using filtered inverse controller

S.No. Symbol Component name Short description.
1. pmdc motor Models a DC machine with permanent magnets
2. Step Generates a real step signal with variable height
3. Revolute Joint allowing one rotational degree of freedom about a given axis
4. Angle sensor Measures the absolute flange angle
5. Force and moment Measures and outputs the forces and moments acting between two frames
6. Rigid bode Center of mass frame with associated mass and inertia matrix
7. Flexible beam A flexible beam with axial, lateral, and torsional deformations
8. Gain Outputs the product of a gain value with the input signal
9. Lossy gear Gearbox with mesh efficiency and bearing friction. Represent the harmonic drive
10. Rigid body frame Frame with a fixed displacement and orientation relative to a rigid body center of mass frame