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Table 1 Parameters for robot model and proposed method

From: Virtual-dynamics-based reference gait speed generator for limit-cycle-based bipedal gait

Symbol Meaning Value
DOF Degree of freedoms 22
m Total mass of robot 22.545 kg
\(m_L\) Mass of each leg 1.983 kg
\(2d_L\) Distance between legs 0.21 m
\(\ell _{\text{leg}}\) Total length of leg 0.595 m
\(t_R\) Thickness of robot 0.1 m
\(T_s\) Arrival time {45, 30} s
\(T_a\) Acceleration time \(\sim\) 3.5 s
\(R_{obs}\) Observable range 2.5 m
\(\mu _S\) Friction coefficient for rotation 0.5
\(\gamma _O\) Coefficient for obstacle avoidance 0.9
\(\sigma _m\) Virtual mass coefficient [0.2, 5]
\(\lambda _0\) Maximum skewness 5.0
\(\bar{v}\) Expected average speed in traveling 0.2 or 0.5
\(\sigma _0\) Default variance 1.0
\(G_\sigma\) Gain to update \(\sigma _m\) 0.5