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Table 1 Specifications of improved SWUMANOID

From: Realization and swimming performance of the breaststroke by a swimming humanoid robot

Items Specifications
Size (H) 925 mm (W) 270 mm (D) 119 mm
Weight 7.4 kg
Actuators (dynamixel: Robotis Corp.) RX28: 2.5 Nm (at 14.8 V)
MX28: 3.1 Nm (at 14.8 V)
MX28: 7.3 Nm (at 14.8 V)
DOF Total: 24 DOFs
Arm: 2 arms × 6 DOF
Waist: 2 DOF
Leg: 2 legs × 3 DOF
Controller CM700 (Robotis Corp.)
Battery Li-Po 14.8 V 1550 mhA × 2
Communication ZigBee module ZIG-110A
  1. Dynamixel MX64 (Robotis inc., Seoul) was used for Waist joint, hip joint 1, hip joint 2, and knee joint, while dynamixel MX28 was used for hip joint 3 and ankle joint. CM700 (Robotis inc.) and ZIG-110A (Robotis inc.) were used for the controller of the robot and wireless communication