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Table 2 Specification of the leg unit

From: TITAN-XIII: sprawling-type quadruped robot with ability of fast and energy-efficient walking

Weight 1.2 kg
Actator Nippo Denki: FX1206-011 brushless DC motor (max. output:68W)
Motor driver Hibot: 1BLDC power module
Reduction mechanism for the axis1 Planetary gear, timing belt
Reduction mechanism for the axis2, 3 Planetary gear, spur gear, wire and pulley
Reduction ratio (each reduction ratio of mechanism) Motor1: 115 (23.04, 5)
Motor2: 273 (23.04, 1.4, 8.5)
Motor3: 163 (23.04, 1, 7.1)
Sensor Sastinable robotics: 16 bit absolute magnet encoder
Power weight ratio 170 W/kg