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  1. We developed a paperclip-shaped motion-actuating system, named “Move-it”. With this system, users can add motions to sticky notes just by clipping it. This system is constructed by using clip-shaped devices th...

    Authors: Kentaro Yasu, Kathrin Probst, Maki Sugimoto, Michael Haller and Masahiko Inami

    Citation: ROBOMECH Journal 2014 1:12

    Content type: Research Article

    Published on:

  2. Microfluidic chips are powerful tools for biochemical experiments. High speed and precise flow control can be achieved by using microvalves on a chip. Several types of microvalves that can be integrated into a...

    Authors: Keitaro Ito, Shinya Sakuma, Yoshiyuki Yokoyama and Fumihito Arai

    Citation: ROBOMECH Journal 2014 1:5

    Content type: Research Article

    Published on:

  3. In this paper, we propose a system to assess the effect of footwear on the in-shoe plantar pressure and shear during gait. In our previous study, we developed a system for measuring the plantar pressure and sh...

    Authors: Manabu Takano, Hiroshi Noguchi, Makoto Oe, Hiromi Sanada and Taketoshi Mori

    Citation: ROBOMECH Journal 2014 1:4

    Content type: Research Article

    Published on:

  4. Expensive kichiji rockfish is important catch for fishers and decreas significantly by over fishing. Common investigation method by the trawl for the fish is difficult to survey on rough terrain and need for b...

    Authors: Yuya Nishida, Tamaki Ura, Tomonori Hamatsu, Kenji Nagahashi, Shogo Inaba and Takeshi Nakatani

    Citation: ROBOMECH Journal 2014 1:2

    Content type: Development Report

    Published on: