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Table 1 Main specifications of the P-WA MK-II

From: Stair-climbing gait for a four-wheeled vehicle

Body dimensionsLength: 1.1 m; width: 0.7 m (not including the footrest)
WheelRadius: 0.125 m; width: 0.07 m
Weight92 kg (including the battery)
Motor200 W (wheels); 150 W (front/rear rolling); 100 W (others)
Gear ratio100 (wheels); 960 (front/rear rolling); 3855 (pitching); 2800 (front/rear steering); 15 + 10/30[mm]-lead ball screw (lateral/longitudinal slider)
Main sensorsPosture angle sensor (roll and pitch of the seat); photoelectric sensor (12, 3 per wheel)
Angle limit± 27\(^\circ\) (pitch axis); ± 35\(^\circ\) (steering and roll axis)
Slider limit± 0.3 m (left/right); 0.45 to − 0.15 m (forward/backward)
Max speed7.4 km/h (catalog value)
Power supply48 V (lithium polymer battery)