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Table 3 Results for all subjects by multiple feedback type

From: A pilot study on locomotion training via biomechanical models and a wearable haptic feedback system

Subject numberGenderAvg. speed (m/s)Best feedback typeAvg. KFM (% Baseline)Avg. effort (% Baseline)
1m1.89Foot drop + trunk lean13.3744.68
2m2.19Foot drop + trunk lean102.80167.11
3f1.49Foot drop + trunk lean92.39101.76
4m1.83Trunk lean + cadence75.41121.14
5f1.56Foot drop + cadence123.96127.99
6f2.14Foot drop + cadence100.3783.47
7f1.51Foot drop + cadence80.9157.27
8m1.84Foot drop + trunk lean47.0335.53
All   79.53 (34.98)92.37 (45.64)
P-Value   \(p<0.001\) 
  1. KFM is the average value of the peak knee flexion moments during the training. Moments are scaled by subject’s baseline. The final KFM was significantly lower than baseline in all cases \(p<0.01\). The effort remained comparable to subject’s baseline