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Table 2 Symbol list of the simple-joint muscular arrangement

From: Geometric conditions of a two-link-and-six muscle structure based on internal force stability

\(\hat{i}=1, 2, 3, 4\)The number of the simple-joint muscle
\({\varvec{l}}_{\hat{i}}\), \({\varvec{r}}_{\hat{i}}\)The vectors from the rotational center of the driven joint to the muscular fixed points
\(l_{\hat{i}}\), \(r_{\hat{i}}\)The lengths of the vector \({\varvec{l}}_{\hat{i}}\) and \({\varvec{r}}_{\hat{i}}\)
\(\phi _{\hat{i}}\), \(\psi _{\hat{i}}\)The angles between the base/link and the vectors \({\varvec{l_{\hat{i}}}}\) or \({\varvec{r_{\hat{i}}}}\)
\(\hat{\theta }_{\hat{i}}\)The angles between \({\varvec{l}}_{\hat{i}}\) and \({\varvec{r}}_{\hat{i}}\)