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Table 6 Extracted categories and concepts

From: Use of communication robots to converse with people suffering from schizophrenia

NoCategoriesExample of concept generatedCount
1Say hello and start conversationPuzzled because there is no reaction of PALRO12
2Tell me somedayPALRO told participant what day it was today2
3Tell me today’s weatherPALRO did not response to listening to the weather2
4Tell me the timePALRO did not response to listening to the time1
5Please sing some songPALRO was asked for a specific song, but didn’t understand it17
6Please start danceTry a feature but it doesn’t work1
7Please start physical exerciseTry a feature but it doesn’t work1
8Become friendIt didn’t go well though participant want to be friends with PALRO9
9Show off triviaParticipant listen to the story and be impressed by PALRO19
10Take a quiz gameParticipant take a quiz game by PALRO3
11Listen the newsParticipant listen to the news by PALRO1
12I was taken a pictureParticipant puzzled because PALRO took a picture them1
13Make a requestParticipant test the PALRO’s wisdom by continuing conversations17