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Table 1 PALRO’s communication function list

From: Use of communication robots to converse with people suffering from schizophrenia

Lecture physical exerciseLectures on physical relaxation exercise, such as loosening your shoulders
Play quiz game with PALROPALRO presents quizzes for professional baseball, prefecture names, shiritori (a word game in Japan), horse racing, and sumo wrestling
Play any games with PALROWith PALRO, you may play with a word game, a flagship game, or fortune-telling game
PALRO dancingPALRO dances while playing music
PALRO sing some songsPALRO sings a song on request
Lecture recreationPALRO hosts recreation for the elderly
PALRO informs about today’s newsPALRO connects to the Internet and reads out news information
PALRO informs about today’s weatherPALRO connects to the Internet and reads out weather forecast information
PALRO counts the votes castAsk people around you randomly what they like (color, food, etc.) and collect the total
PALRO search on the webPALRO searches the Internet reports the search results
Become friendsPALRO asks the user to become a friend, and when he gets consent, he records a facial image along with the name
PALRO takes pictureThe surroundings are photographed with the camera mounted on PALRO’s face