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Table 1 Parameters used in the analysis

From: Friction and noise suppression for force control system based on integration of observer and force sensor information

\(G_r\)Gear ratio30
\(J_{n}\)Nominal motor inertia1.59 \(\times 10^{-6}\)
\(K_{tn}\)Nominal torque constant6.5 \(\times 10^{-2}\) Nm/A
DNominal viscosity2.2 \(\times 10^{-3}\)  Nms/rad
\(K_e\)Environmental stiffness1.0 \(\times 10^{4}\)  Nm/rad
\(D_e\)Environmental viscosity0 Nms/rad
\(J_{f}\)Virtual mass gain1.0 \(\times 10^{-3}\)\(\hbox {kgm}^2\)
\(g^{\mathrm{dis}}\)Bandwidth of DOB600 rad/s
\(g^{\mathrm{ext}}\)Bandwidth of RTOB1200 rad/s
\(g^{\mathrm{pd}}\)Bandwidth of pseudo-differential1200 rad/s
\(g_I\)Bandwidth of integration325 rad/s