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Table 5 Individual data for cadence and walking speed at pre-training, training and post-training phases

From: Development of a vibratory cueing system using an implicit method to increase walking speed in patients with stroke: a proof-of-concept study

Cadence (steps/min)
 Patient A103.47108.20108.89
 Patient B91.00112.83117.16
 Patient C61.2765.9165.90
 Patient D101.17113.53110.43
 Patient E95.18100.71106.01
 Patient F94.9697.09101.66
Walking speed (m/s)
 Patient A1.031.081.16
 Patient B0.610.680.83
 Patient C0.420.480.45
 Patient D0.871.081.07
 Patient E0.730.770.90
 Patient F0.740.660.78