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Table 2 Weight of the worm screw and wheel and spring stiffness of each shaft

From: Worm gear mechanism with switchable backdrivability

Mass(g)Worm screw vibrationWorm wheel vibration
Spring stiffness(N/mm)Spring stiffness(N/mm)
\(M_S\)59Worm wheel shaft (bending) \(k_{y1}\)3166.69Worm wheel axis (compression) \(k_{z1}\)27.88
\(M_G\)70Worm screw axis (compression) \(k_{y2}\)5.81Worm screw shaft (bending) \(k_{z2}\)1579.78
  Total (\(k_{y1}{+}k_{y2}\))3172.50Total (\(k_{z1}{+}k_{z2}\))1607.66