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Table 2 Parameters [11]

From: Miniaturization effect of electroosmotic self-propulsive microswimmer powered by biofuel cell

Meaning Part Symbol Value (units) Comment
Permittivity Electrolyte \(\epsilon\) \(6.580\times 10^{-10}\) (F/m) Water (310 K)
Viscosity Electrolyte \(\eta\) \(0.692\times 10^{-3}\) (Pa s) Water (310 K)
Mass density Electrolyte \(\rho _f\) 993 (\(\hbox {kg/m}^3\)) Water (310 K)
Mass density Insulating tube \(\rho _t\) 1190 (\(\hbox {kg/m}^3\)) SU-8 [18]
Zeta potential Insulating tube \(\zeta\) \(-0.030\) (V) SU-8 [19]
OCP Electrodes \(\Delta \phi _{ca}\) \(< 1.18\) (V) Theoretical supremum from the Gibbs free energy [20]
Diameter ratio Swimmer \(D/D_t\) 1.50