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Fig. 5

From: Miniaturization effect of electroosmotic self-propulsive microswimmer powered by biofuel cell

Fig. 5

Results of 100 μm prototypes [11]. a SEM image of the 100 μm prototype fabricated by the standard photolithography. b Self-propulsion of the fastest 100 μm prototype in a glucose solution. (b1), (b2) Snapshots extracted from a video. A red circle, blue circles, and white curves added by “OpenCV” represent the center of gravity (CG) of the prototype, surrounding particles indicating convective flows, and their trajectories, respectively. (b3) Velocities against time t extracted from the video with the sampling interval of 0.1 s, where \(v_p\) is the velocity of the CG of the prototype, \(v_{flow}\) the mean velocity of the surrounding convective flows in the same direction, and \(v_p-v_{flow}\) the identified self-propulsion velocity \(v_{eo}\)

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