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Table 1 Parameters for the RSPs and intact leg in the SLIP model

From: Can forward dynamics simulation with simple model estimate complex phenomena?: Case study on sprinting using running-specific prosthesis

  Prosthetic Intact
Sprinter 1E90 Xtreme Sprinter 1E90 Xtreme
\(L_{leg, 0}\) (m) 1.05E+00 1.06E+00 1.06E+00 1.06E+00
\(K_{leg}\) (N/m) 1.69E+04 2.04E+04 2.14E+04 2.25E+04
\(D_{leg}\) (Ns/m) 8.77E+00 9.23E+01 2.92E+01 2.01E+01
\(H_{0}\) (m) 9.41E−01 9.81E−01 9.63E−01 9.96E−01
\(\theta _{0}\) (rad) 1.34E+00 1.31E+00 1.37E+00 1.36E+00