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Table 2 Slit parameters and errors of the 6 mm inner pipe of the 5th candidate

From: Optimization of the flexural rigidity of a concentric pipe used in transmitting rotation for arc-shaped forceps

\(\mathrm{O B_1}\) (mm) 38
 a (mm) 1.6
 e (mm) 1.8
 c (mm) 0.3
\(\mathrm{B_1 B_2}\) (mm) 31
 a (mm) 2.0
 e (mm) 1.0
 c (mm) 0.4
\(\mathrm{B_2 B_3}\) (mm) 57
 a (mm) 2.0
 e (mm) 1.4
 c (mm) 0.5
\(\varepsilon \) (mm) 1.25