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  1. Research Article

    Service robot planning via solving constraint satisfaction problem

    The problem of demographic shifts towards the elderly is deteriorating, as the relative number of caregivers is insufficient to provide the support required for their wellbeing, which is further aggravated by ...

    Noel Nuo Wi Tay, Azhar Aulia Saputra, János Botzheim and Naoyuki Kubota

    ROBOMECH Journal 2016 3:17

    Published on: 26 August 2016

  2. Research Article

    Precise assembly of ring part with optimized hollowed finger

    We deal with a technical issue of assembling a ring part into a shaft part with the clearance of several micrometers by using a robotic manipulator. This issue is difficult because of deformation of a ring par...

    Tomoya Fukukawa, Junji Takahashi and Toshio Fukuda

    ROBOMECH Journal 2016 3:16

    Published on: 28 July 2016

  3. Development Report

    Mobile robotic cart development to support home oxygen therapy patients: Study on handling interface for mobile robotic cart similar to wheeled walker

    We propose a motion control interface system for a mobile robotic cart to support Home Oxygen Therapy (HOT) patients when they go out. Our goal is to realize a mobile robotic cart similar to a wheeled walker t...

    Masatsugu Iribe, Naoto Maeta, Gen Endo, Toshio Takubo, Mineko Ohira and Tetsuya Kinugasa

    ROBOMECH Journal 2016 3:14

    Published on: 11 July 2016

  4. Research Article

    Tongue interface based on surface EMG signals of suprahyoid muscles

    The research described herein was undertaken to develop and test a novel tongue interface based on classification of tongue motions from the surface electromyography (EMG) signals of the suprahyoid muscles det...

    Makoto Sasaki, Kohei Onishi, Dimitar Stefanov, Katsuhiro Kamata, Atsushi Nakayama, Masahiro Yoshikawa and Goro Obinata

    ROBOMECH Journal 2016 3:9

    Published on: 2 April 2016

  5. Research Article

    BBot, a hopping two-wheeled robot with active airborne control

    Most two-wheeled robots have algorithms that control balance by assuming constant contact with the ground. However, such algorithms cannot confer stability in robots deployed on non-continuous ground terrain. ...

    Huei Ee Yap and Shuji Hashimoto

    ROBOMECH Journal 2016 3:6

    Published on: 3 March 2016

  6. Research Article

    An image processing method for changing endoscope direction based on pupil movement

    Increased attention has been focused on laparoscopic surgery because of its minimal invasiveness and improved cosmetic properties. However, the procedure of laparoscopic surgery is considerably difficult for s...

    Yang Cao, Satoshi Miura, Quanquan Liu, Yo Kobayashi, Kazuya Kawamura, Shigeki Sugano and Masakatsu G. Fujie

    ROBOMECH Journal 2016 3:3

    Published on: 22 January 2016

  7. Research Article

    Development of a gas/liquid phase change actuator for high temperatures

    Gas/liquid phase changes produce large volume changes in working fluids. These volume changes are used as the driving power sources in actuators such as micro-pumps and valves. Most of these actuators are uti...

    Hiroki Matsuoka, Koichi Suzumori and Takefumi Kanda

    ROBOMECH Journal 2016 3:1

    Published on: 16 January 2016

  8. Research Article

    GPU-accelerated surgery simulation for opening a brain fissure

    In neurosurgery, dissection and retraction are basic techniques for approaching the site of pathology. These techniques are carefully performed in order to avoid damage to nerve tissues or blood vessels. Howev...

    Kazuya Sase, Akira Fukuhara, Teppei Tsujita and Atsushi Konno

    ROBOMECH Journal 2015 2:17

    Published on: 29 December 2015

  9. Research Article

    Surmounting obstacles by arm maneuver for unmanned power shovel

    Large debris created after natural disasters restrict access to inner parts of affected regions, and slows down disaster relief operations. Power shovels are often used to clear wreckage but the process can ta...

    Peshala G. Jayasekara and Hitoshi Arisumi

    ROBOMECH Journal 2015 2:15

    Published on: 29 October 2015

  10. Research Article

    Shoulder joint contact force during lever-propelled wheelchair propulsion

    The aim of this study was to obtain quantitative results about shoulder contact force during wheelchair lever propulsion when the gear ratio of the lever propulsion mechanism is changing. The effect of the gea...

    Makoto Sasaki, Dimitar Stefanov, Yuki Ota, Hiroki Miura and Atsushi Nakayama

    ROBOMECH Journal 2015 2:13

    Published on: 3 October 2015

  11. Research Article

    Self-localization method for mobile robot using acoustic beacons

    In this paper, we have proposed a low-cost self-localization method which uses 4 elements of microphones, wheel rotation and sound sources as beacons, whose absolute location and frequency bands are known. The...

    Satoki Ogiso, Takuji Kawagishi, Koichi Mizutani, Naoto Wakatsuki and Keiichi Zempo

    ROBOMECH Journal 2015 2:12

    Published on: 2 September 2015

  12. Research Article

    Social interactive robot navigation based on human intention analysis from face orientation and human path prediction

    Robot navigation in a human environment is challenging because human moves according to many factors such as social rules and the way other moves. By introducing a robot to a human environment, many situations...

    Photchara Ratsamee, Yasushi Mae, Kazuto Kamiyama, Mitsuhiro Horade, Masaru Kojima and Tatsuo Arai

    ROBOMECH Journal 2015 2:11

    Published on: 1 August 2015

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